Manchester United: The most important deal for the Red Devils of the decade.

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Manchester United: The most important deal for the Red Devils of the decade. The big news that broke on Saturday made me relive the memory of meeting the new CEO of Manchester United many years ago in the press room at the Etihad Stadium. He was a man who was dress dignifiedly and had an aura about him. But of course at that time I didn’t pay much attention to who the man in front of me was.

So who is Berrada? What’s good about being in a position where you have to carry enormous pressure on your shoulders?

“Omar arrived at City before Ferran Soriano and Txiki Begiristain, because of Omar’s ability and he could easily replace them,” said a former employee. Work for the city

There is still more to tell from people who have worked with it as follows.

A person with a far vision

He is a cool person who can handle pressure well and pays attention to every detail.

He is a person who is not well-verse in football but is also an expert in business.

The position of CEO at another club may not be as important or talked about as much. But for the Demon Logo Club, he is consider a general who has had to command alongside the team manager since time immemorial.

David Gill and Sir Alex Ferguson.

Berrada is of French-Moroccan descent. but grew up in the United States Before moving to Barcelona at the age of 18, he was already a big Barca follower.

“I can work for Barca for free but luckily I also get a salary,” he once said in an interview about his own past.

Until 2011 was pull to stay with Manchester City, where Soriano and Begiristain follow a year later. This is the project that the Abu Dhabi Group had originally planned to build the Blues to have a Barcelona-style structure.

Berrada’s first position involved taking care of matters outside of the country, such as organizing pre-season tours and finding partners to invest in the club. At that time, it must be said that the English champions had yet to gain traction. What is so much these days?

Soon he was promote to director when Soriano brought his bags to the Etihad. And the pair work together and became close friends. He is the main cog behind City’s success in every aspect.

Berrada’s alertness has also earned Begiristain’s trust in helping him close player deals. The first person to come completely from Berrada was Aymeric Laporte. A defender who move from Athletic Bilbao in 2018However. The player who is consider the greatest masterpiece has to be Erling Haaland traveled to Monaco to talk with Mino Raiola. The Norwegian striker’s personal agent. Who was seriously ill at the time. Report by UFABET

Berrada’s reputation may not be famous among football fans. In the circle of executives, it is a name that is widely accept. That led to the INEOS group led by Sir Jim Ratcliffe taking the seat. Which for the past decade has been a total failure.

From Ed Woodward to Richard Arnold

From the number one club to becoming a club that trails both fellow blue city and eternal rival Liverpool.    

This is an announcement from the INEOS group. That their acquisition of 25% of shares did not come to follow the trend. But to hope to change the Red Devils to become great again.

Every success has an interesting story behind it.

Berrada is one of them.

It is therefore a very important deal for Manchester United, who sets the direction for almost everything for the team. Be a short-, medium- and long-term planner for the team. The one who chose to move across the river even though the wind was blowing.