Woot Weghorst views Burnley as a challenge.

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Burnley football striker Woot Weghorst is looking to agree a move from German Bundesliga mid-cap club Wolfsburg to help escape death. It’s a new career challenge. If successful it will be very cool.

Woot Weghorst has three-and-a-half years at the Volkswagen Stadion. With more than 59 outstanding goals scored in the German Bundesliga. And has never had a low season in a whole year over 16 tablets.  

Until Chris Wood was offered a challenge to challenge as executioner #9 in place of Chris Wood. Who moved to Newcastle. The Dutchman accepted without hesitation. Both believe that the 12 million pound bounty that ‘The Clarets ‘ paid is more than worth it.  

” It has to be a big challenge. ” the 29 -year -old told ESPN Netherlands.

“ If you do not believe that you can would UFABET probably not walk to this point. I am the type who takes risks and chooses things from the heart. And I feel great here. ” 

“ Of course there is a risk with the step you put your foot down. And to be honest, this risk we have already considered. ”

“ Let me choose this way : prepare yourself to do it. ” 

Burnley’s next three matches are brutal , with runaway team Watford , Manchester United and Liverpool from the league’s superpowers. Well that’s the whole home team.