Ronaldo Nazario reveals Romeo takes him to the night.

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Ronaldo Nazario flashes back on a hilarious tale of his past. When the senior striker Romeo took him to a near-lit night. Brazilian legend Ronaldo Nazario has told a story about Romeo. That he took him into the night until almost morning. before joking that it might be a senior striker’s plan. That wants him exhausted to hold onto his real position. According to a report from ESPN on Wednesday.  Ronaldo and Romeo were both well-known Brazilian footballers of their own era. And had similar career paths early on after Ronaldo replaced Romario at PSVI Indhoven and Barcelona. With the opportunity to play together only with the Brazilian national team. 

‘Romario forced young players to clean their shoes or bring him coffee.’ Ronaldo recalled. ‘Get ready We’re going out UFABET tonight. Don’t worry’ we came back at 5am and I was exhausted in training the next day. Maybe Romario did it with the intention of making me tired and replacing me in the starting team.

Ronaldo was part of Real Madrid’s project of Real Madrid’s Galacticos era. And the team paid a huge €27 million in 2002. However, Ronaldo remains a standout player. Notable won the league at the club level for the first time in his career He was able to score 104 goals in all games for Real Madrid before suffering a serious injury in the final season. He played just 13 games but scored four goals before moving to AC Milan and returning to his native Brazilian Corinthians before ending his career in 2011 due to ailments. Thyroid disturbance