Carlo Ancelotti clarifies the fact that the coach’s work permit has expired

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Real Madrid coach Carlo Ancelotti has clarified the case of receiving a letter from UEFA. Asking him to retake his coaching license exam football. After the original certificate expires.

The news became sensational in January. When Ancelotti had to return to his licensing examination to apply for a job as a coach despite having over 1,200 matches in his career. And being one of the most successful managers the best in the world.

The veteran Italian coach’s license expires at the end of December 2021, but he has yet to take the renewal exam. Until the European Football Federation or UEFA has to send UFABET an invitation letter. Otherwise, he will not be allowed to control the team on the field again.

The royal army chief explained this matter. “I’m someone who tries to follow the rules even if it’s not consistent. So I think it’s some kind of misunderstanding.”

“By that time, the license was about to expire. Fortunately, the Spanish Football Coaches Association allowed me to attend the training in October. So there may have been a slight miscommunication with UEFA.”

For Carlo Ancelotti, now 62 years old, he started his coaching job in 1995 with Regina before managing a number of clubs including Juventus, AC Milan, Chelsea, Rei. Al Madrid, Paris Saint-Germain led the team to 21 club championship titles