What is Burnout?

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Burnout is caused by exhaustion that usually results from overwork. This may affect both the physical and mental condition. Which may cause fatigue and indifference to everything. feel like a failure and lack of efficiency in work Some experts speculate that burnout may be a symptom of various body illnesses. Such as depression and anxiety disorders , etc. Or it may be caused by living a stressful life all the time that makes you feel very depressed. Tired, exhausted, empty, and ultimately exhausted UFABET

However, the symptoms may be similar to symptoms of other illnesses, such as depression. But it may be different in that depression can occur from other causes as well, not from working hard alone. For this reason, it is impossible to say for sure that it is burnout, and if the diagnosis is not done carefully, it may cause Can be treated in the wrong way.

Causes of Burnout .

Burnout can occur for many reasons, such as:

  • There are management problems. Unable to make important decisions about work, such as unable to set your own work schedule or being unable to take responsibility for their own work to be completed, etc., all of which can lead to Burnout
  • The workload and what is expected are not clear. If what is expected of your boss, supervisor, or other coworker is not clear enough? It may make you feel uncomfortable while working.
  • The work that you do is not suitable for you. If the work you do is not suitable for your own abilities and interests It can make you feel stressed all the time.
  • The work required requires a lot of enthusiasm. If work is so hectic that you have to use all your energy to focus on work all the time. It can cause even more fatigue and eventually burnout.